Thursday, December 25, 2008

A fairly good use of time

So, to complete my whole day yesterday, I got a text message on my way into the second mass saying that The Boy needed a transfusion and would likely not be released that night. Perfect. Just made the day that much better.

During mass, I looked down the aisle and saw a really, really good-looking brunette standing near the back of the congregation... turned out that The Wife decided to come listen to the choir at mass. She had pretty decent timing; although she missed the "Masters in the Hall" piece we did as a prelude. At the end of the service, she & I went to the hospital, where The Boy had finished getting his blood (hemoglobin levels of 5.9, which is REALLY low). After a couple of hours, we actually got the go-ahead to come home! We arrived home at 11:45PM, and it took about an hour and a half to get him settled.

Prior to mass, I did have a very, very nice dinner with my brother and his family. It was really nice to spend time with them, considering that I was so bummed out that I wasn't going to spend Christmas with my family! I can't believe that my niece is 18 years old yesterday... just amaing.

Today, on Christmas, we did absolutely nothing. I mean really, authentically absolutely nothing. The Wife made pancakes for breakfast, which was awesome. She makes amazing pancakes. Afterwards, I went back to bed. When I got up, The Boy and Grandma & my wife fell asleep. I used that time productively: I finally finished the game, "Lair," on my Playstation.

I've had that game since October 2007 but hadn't played it since, like, February. It's a cool game: you play a dragon rider, and you move the control and tilt the controller to move the dragon around and breathe fire and stuff. It's got 15 missions, and I had finished 11 of them by February. I finished the last 4 today. I'm going to finish the last third of "Assassin's Creed" next, then I have "Rock Band 2", "The Simpsons Game", "Devil May Cry 4", "Lego Indiana Jones" and "Heavenly Sword" to play. Heavenly Sword will likely be after "Assassin's Creed" due to its short playing time.

(Assassin's Creed isn't what you think. It's really quite cool. You play an assassin, yes, but you kill bad guys and not good guys. You can't win the game if you just kill normal people or good people. Plus, they actually used maps of 11th century Jerusalem, Damascus and Acre, to make the game.)

So, we had dinner from some of Uncle Tom's frozen kosher meals, and then webchatted with my brother in California. We've been watching "Shark Tale," which was given to The Boy from the charity. The Boy isn't so into the movie, although he does like the music. I'm not so into the movie either - I voted for Iron Man but were outvoted.

Tomorrow is Cleaning, Straightening and Organizing Day. Fun!

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