Monday, December 1, 2008

Far, far too interesting...

So, The Boy had picked up a little stomach thing on Friday, which lasted into Saturday and gave him truly amazing colors of poo and puke. I mean, those fluids (and both were fluids, no solids) were a brighter shade of green than the Diet Mountain Dew that I like to drink, which is a shade that, I thought, doesn't exist in nature. Yesterday afternoon (which is Sunday), I felt myself starting to fade a bit. I excused myself at halftime of the Jets game from the hospital and went home to lie down.

I lay down, tried to go to sleep, and was hit with the most intense pain that I'd ever imagined.

This was horrible. I had some diarrhea, but didn't throw up. Instead, I alternated dizzily walking to the bathroom with lying in a fetal position on the bed. I wasn't even watching tv or reading a book or anything - I just lay these, moaning in agony. The Wife got home around 8 and hovered anxiously over me, trying to help. Finally, around 10, she forced me into the car and took me to the hospital.

I don't clearly remember the next several hours. There were images here and there: me complaining about getting an IV line put in (the only other time one was inserted was some minor surgery last summer, and I passed out immediately after it was put in), getting the painkiller shot and immediately vomiting a lot of fluid, arguing with a nurse that a 98.9 temperature was significant for me (I normally run a rock-solid 97.1 and never get fevers), watching five minutes of a bunch of tv shows before falling asleep again. Eventually, the painkillers kicked in and I regained a portion of sanity. They moved me into an observation area for the rest of the night.

This morning, they took me for an ultrasound, because they were afraid that my appendix had ruptured or my gall bladder had exploded or something like that. The tests were all negative. My organs were the picture of health. I got home around 2:30 in the afternoon and have been asleep most of the seven hours since.

The Wife has what I had, albeit a less painful version. She's got a temperature and no energy at all. Grandma doesn't have the stomach issues, but she's exhausted as well. The Boy seems to be okay, although he's apparently started throwing up again. They're keeping him one more night in the hospital to make sure he's adequately hydrated.

All in all, a far too interesting day. I really need a day or two more of bed time, but I have to go in to work tomorrow. I've missed SO MUCH time (most of them Tuesdays, for whatever reason) that I can't afford to miss more. I'd have gone in today if they could have gotten me home quickly enough... I'm honestly concerned about my job for next year, all things considered. I haven't eaten since 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon and am not hungry in the slightest.

We'll see.


Band Momma said...

Wow, you're not hungry. You are sick.

Musical Daddy said...

I did have a bowl of cereal at 11pm, so that'll tide me over.

Sarah R said...

Sorry to hear you are all so sick!! Sending some get well wishes your way. You certainly don't need THIS on top of THAT.