Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Funny kid stuff...

So, I will again discuss the fact that I have been very, very lucky in my teaching career, having many students who are good, kind and generous people. Yesterday, a gaggle of my 8th grade students gifted me with some books for The Boy, of which I am extremely appreciative. (Wasn't I just complaining to my wife that we didn't have enough books to read together at the hospital?)

So, I brought the gifts up to his hospital room yesterday with the intention that The Boy open up a couple for us to read. When I arrived, and The Boy started playing, he was playing with a toy piggy bank that Aunt C had given him. This piggy bank has ten large plastic coins that, when you put them into the slot, music plays and counting stuff happens. You can easily pull a door open in the side of the pig and access the coins. He loves to put the coins in the slot to make the music play, then open the side of the pig and take them out again. He played with that on his playmat.

I handed him the first present, and he gleefully and slowly ripped the paper off of the present and tore the paper into little shreds. He took the book, picked it up, dropped it at his side and resumed playing with the bank. I handed him the second present, he cried, ripped the paper off, threw the book to the side and resumed playing with his bank.

Kids, right? All he really needs is a wrapped cardboard box to play with, and he's content at holiday time.

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Jennifer said...

Abby LOVES her piggy bank. I don't think she can open the door yet when it's all the way shut though. She also likes to stack the coins up and carry as many as she can around the house.