Friday, December 12, 2008

Good news!

The Boy went in just for counts today, and - surprise of surprises - he was only there for counts! No transfusions, no tests, no admittance, no nothing. Show up, get his finger stuck for blood, go home. Dassit.

Wonder of wonders. I think that's the second time, total, that he's been in JUST for counts, without something else going on.

I should have had our babysitter (who took him) grab me a donut. But, I didn't want to jinx things. You understand.

Holiday party at the Valerie Fund Center tonight. Lots of bald children running around like crazy folks. Should be fun, and I'm glad we can actually attend.

(What kind of world do I live in now - where, at a party, it won't be strange to see a bunch of guests with IVs?)

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