Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A good night, I guess.

Last night, we had a caroling gig at Mountainside Hospital. There were 20-something guys in the chorus, and six people in the performance room. Sigh. Although, the nurses told my father, later, that all the televisions on the floor were off - meaning the people in the rooms were listening to us, even if they weren't able or weren't willing to head down to the performance. Whatever. It was still fun.

Got to the hospital post-gig at around 8:45, then did my usual shower & pre-bed stuff. The Wife left around 9:30 - more like, was pushed out of the door. When either parent dithers around during leaving (whether is LM or me), The Boy goes nuts and won't calm down for a while. He calmed pretty quickly. He fell asleep around 9:45, and I followed at 10:00, after trying to watch last week's "Fringe."

There was a brief wake-up at midnight as he was getting his vitals measured. Neither of us woke at 4AM for his vitals. We woke next at 6:30AM. ZOMG, a full night's sleep in the hospital! Holy crap! Also, incidentally, my second 8-hour sleep night since before the surgery. I'm still tired.

After work today, I'm going to come home and nap for an hour. Then, I'm going to jog a mile or two, clean the house, clean myself, and go to the orchestra & choir concert at school. Then, I'm off to the hospital to take the overnight shift. The whole thing starts again tomorrow. Sigh.

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