Sunday, December 28, 2008


I've been snapping at everybody today, for no particularly good reason. Why? I don't know. I'm bored, but I don't feel like doing anything. I'm tired, but I don't feel like going to sleep. I'm hungry, but I don't feel like eating anything.

The biggest mistake I made today was taking a nap. Not that I had a choice, understand; The Boy is the most amazing tranquilizer that exists. He lays his head on your shoulder, and you're guaranteed to be asleep inside of ten minutes. It's really quite amazing. Plus, he's very "adult" in his sleep habits; he knows what he likes and doesn't like. Likes: snuggling up on your shoulder or splayed across your midsection. Doesn't like: an arm draped across his midsection or a hand resting on his thigh. Likes: using his hand to touch your hand, arm, shoulder, face, etc. Doesn't like: when you touch him, stroke his head or arm. He does like having his back rubbed, I think. He's cute, though: he takes your head off of his body without waking up, readjusts his posture on your shoulder, and falls back asleep.

What do I have to do:
1) pay the bills & file a month's worth of bills and books (approx. 1.5 hours)
2) upgrade my computer with the processor, ram, new DVD-RW drive and 1TB hard drive that's been sitting in my computer room since the Black Friday sales (approx. ??? hours - maybe 3?)
2.5) Move the crib from its current home in the music studio to its temporary home in the comic book room, and find a new home for the computer desk and computer monitor which are in there, because they will never be used again. (approx. 30 minutes, if I'm screwing around)
3) thoroughly clean and vaccuum the downstairs, which hasn't been done since the summer (yuck) (approx. 45 minutes - I work quickly)
4) sweep, vaccuum and wash thoroughly the floor in the kitchen and dining room. (Side note: is the wet swifter good enough for our sanitary purposes, or should we invest in a mop and a tougher cleanser?) (approx. 20 minutes)
5) organize and bag six months' worth of comics (approx 1.5 hours, plus or minus reading time of issues / runs that I really like)
6) grade two hours' worth of playing tests and prepare 6 total band pieces (2 per grade) for use on the first day of school. This includes my new grading system for the playing quizzes, which is an individual sheet for each student that they keep for the school year. (Approx. 4 hours, but could be 5 if the copy machines are still balky and unreliable)
7) Write thank-yous for a new charity that contacted us and gave us some money, for some late Christmas gifts and for some AWESOME fudge that my niece baked for us (J the younger - you SERIOUSLY rock my world) And, I need to get a thank-you to Aunt P in Paris. (approx. 15 minutes)
8) Reprogram my Garmin with the Yoda voice.

All in all, it's just one day's worth of work. But, I'm lazy, sloppy and worthless right now. My body and brain have just shut down, and I need to wake up and get moving again. Argh. And, I need to NOT irritate my wife and mother-in-law until they kick me in the hoobeejoobees.


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Cate said...

I would think the swiffer would be more sanitary than a mop and bucket because the mop and bucket just dumps the germs back in the water and then back on the floor. But I may be wrong.