Tuesday, December 16, 2008

House Changes...

Earlier this week, I bought a Purell hand dispenser to hang on the wall next to the front door - one of those automatic ones, that spits the stuff out when you stick your hand underneath. With luck, having a ready supply of batteries will mean that this thing will be a good fit. I'm going to pick up some disposable masks when I go to CVS tomorrow, in case people come to visit. Tomorrow, a guy from Sears / Kenmore is coming by to look at our furnace and air conditioner. We likely need a new one - something that's a little cheaper to operate and will actually blow heat in the winter and cool air in the summer, unlike what we have now. I don't want to let a stranger in the house without trying to get as much sterilization as possible.

That's all we need right now - for The Boy to get sick right before chemo starts. That would likely not delay chemo this weekend, but it would make it significantly more unpleasant than it's otherwise likely to be. I mean, look at last time - how other stuff other than the chemo made things that much worse.

When they felt that they had to catheterize him on the Friday night, they wound up doing the procedure twice. The first time, he had just emptied his bladder and they found no urine. The second time, they did. He screamed in pain the entire night because of the second time.

When he caught that stomach virus, he was throwing up and feeling more miserable because of it. It was horrible, that's for sure. The throwing up and the virus extended his hospital stay an additional three days.

Man. What do normal parents think about? It drives me crazy sometimes. I can't imagine a normal household. Imagine, if you will, a household where people only think about stuff like catching colds, walking, talking, eating and pooping. Imagine, if you will, a baby blog that discussed baby poop as normal instead of the bright, Mountain Dew green colored poop that will be The Boy's while undergoing this particular chemotherapy regimen. Imagine thinking about seeking playmates and picking up toys, instead of worrying about sterilizing contractors.


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Bill said...

"Normal houses" think about catching colds, walking, talking, eating and pooping. We also think about the little b*st*ards that climb, throw things on the floor, open the microwave and/or dishwasher in the middle of a cycle.

There's also a lot of whining...

If you'd like baby poop, I can send you some.