Monday, December 22, 2008


When I got to the hospital this afternoon, Cousin J was there with The Wife and her parents. They didn't go home to rest like I expected, but they did get out of the room for a few hours to spend some time together. I'm happy about that.


Cousin J is turning 18 in a couple of days, so we spent some time discussing that, rehashing old memories and talking about college and high school and stuff like that. It's always great to see her. The Boy played very nicely with her until she left a little before dinnertime.

The Wife had her ob/gyn appointment, and all is going as planned. All tests came back as expected, which we're happy about for obvious reasons. I've been asked whether I want a boy or a girl, and I have now amended my statement: 10 fingers, 10 toes, all the brain cells and NO TUMORS. That's what I want. The sex is irrelevant.

He flipped out around 5:15, when he just ran out of patience with the chemo and the blood pressure cuff and that sort of thing. Considering that he had some problems with his port a little later - nothing serious, just a loose needle that needed to be replaced - it wouldn't surprise me if some of the medicine escaped the normal path and burnt him a bit. I calmed him down nicely, I think, and we continued to play and to hang out.

Dinner was Chinese food from the kosher Chinese food place in West Orange. I'm not a big fan - the taste, frankly, is bland, particularly considering the amount of calories contained in the food. Whatever. I had an egg roll and continued to do schoolwork while The Wife and Grandma entertained the baby.

When I left, he waved enthusiastic bye-bye and blew a kiss at me, which was WAY cute. He didn't cry at all, but he had plenty of hugs and smiles and giggles for me. It's nice that he's growing intentionally affectionate: he has no problems calling people over to him for the express purpose of giving and receiving hugs, and he has no problems crawling to someone for hugs.

I just finished jogging and writing out some parts for school tomorrow. I plan to arrive at school at around 7 and run some photocopies before jazz band. At that point, we'll load the busses and put on three shows at the three elementary schools that feed into our school. After school, I'll go home and nap and do some light housework, then head up to Dapper Dans rehearsal. After rehearsal, I'll spend the night at the hospital.

He should be released on Wednesday afternoon, pending anything unexpected. We'll see.

To heck with everything. I'm exhausted. Update the iPod, take out the garbage, shower, medicines, brush teeth, read a chapter of "The Bourne Identity" and go to sleep.

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Jennifer said...

When do you guys get a "winter break"? We are out all this week and next. You could ALL use a break.

I'm glad all is well with the is definitely more important than the sex!!