Tuesday, December 9, 2008


He's fine, more or less. They have him under observation because, after the blood transfusion (his numbers were REALLY low, which explains his lethargy on Sunday), he spiked a fever. When we got to the hospital room (it generally takes a couple of hours for them to prepare a room), his temperature was 103 according to the thermometer - I don't really believe it, because he didn't feel THAT hot.

(One thing I do very well - I can usually predict his temperature to within .1 or .2 degress farenheit. No way was he at 103. 99.8, 99.9 tops.)

Whatever. He's there anyway. The Wife is with him tonight. Dr. Rifkin said we'd be there until his numbers improved to her satisfaction. The nurses say a minimum of 48 hours. I say until the weekend.

Nothing better to help Concert Week along than being tethered to the hospital. Boy, this is going to be a fun couple of years.

All I've got to say is - thank G-d that my father, my brother & his family, and the rest are able to cover time for us at the hospital until The Wife is done with work. Neither one of us can miss time - these next few days (for me) and two weeks (for her) are crucial.

I'm bringing a coffee machine to work tomorrow. I'm tired of paying $2 for a cup while I'm there. It's time to buy in to the Dark Side for the next whatever.

We expect him to be fine. But, wow - this cytoxin & etoposide are nasty, nasty stuff.

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