Sunday, December 7, 2008

Quick Hits

Typing blog entries on the iPod Touch is not as easy as typing on the keyboard, but I'm lying in bed with my family and don't want to move.

This was a good weekend. The Boy wasn't active the whole time, but he was in a good mood the whole time. Today, he napped in his toddler ned, which is new as of yesterday, along with a couple of ceiling fans and dressers that my brother and I installed yesterday. The Boy's napping was significant because he hadn't slept in his room since before the start of his treatments. We are going to make an effort to make his room a more joyful place, to ease his transition to sleeping alone.

He is becoming more communicative. "App" means apple or apple sauce, and he can say "joos" for juice. He also will crawl up to his high chair and yank on thestraps to indicate hunger. Pointing is fun, as well.

He was very snuggly all weekend. Even at the comic book store, he crawled up to L and gave her some snuggles. Not a bad thing. Typical one week post-chemo reaction - tired and sleepy but not unhappy.

The house, today, is much better organized and set up than it was a week ago. And, it is nice not to be in the hospital this weekend. Next weekend is busy: barbershop on Sat, followed by a holiday party. Monday after is my concert and The Wife's, then chemo set #2.

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