Monday, December 22, 2008

Quiet house, quieter morning

The morning goes very differently when The Boy isn't there. It's difficult, almost, to juggle the timing of things without passing The Boy back and forth between the two of us - hand him off to The Wife to get his oatmeal & cottage cheese (or whatever), handed back to me to get him changed & dressed, etc. Having to get up, get dressed, eat breakfast and leave is disappointing by myself. On the other hand, I got to school early enough to take care of a bunch of niggling little tasks that have been hounding me for a couple of weeks.

Still, I'd rather have to "worry" about cleaning his breakfast tray and getting him dressed in enough time to steal some snuggle time before we leave.

Today will be interesting. The Wife will relieve Grandma at the hospital at 3-ish. I have some appointments with students after school to play some audition music for me, which will last until 3:30; then I run over to the hospital to arrive by 4:15. The Wife has a 4:30 ob/gyn appointment across the street for which she needs to leave at 4:15. We'll be at the hospital together, then, until Grandma has a chance to go home, shower, rest and relax as fully as possible.

Thinking about the timing, we're going to get The Boy home on Wednesday, assuming all continues to go as smoothly as it has gone thus far. After a 9AM admittance on Friday, they didn't start his chemo until after 5 o'clock! They have been slowly pulling the time back - yesterday started at 4:15, for instance - but they aren't going to get him pulled back enough to get released on Tuesday night. My guesstimate is they want to keep him a minimum of 12 hours post-chemo for observation, which means an early Wednesday release.

I'm okay with that, all things considered. I'm working much of the afternoon and evening on Wednesday - church gig, with some big holiday coming up this week or something like that. Thursday, I'm off.

I think that Thursday, we're going to take OFF off. Like, not leaving the house at all. Stay home, play, watch television (Yule Log! w00t!), play, nap and rest. I haven't had a day like that in - well, I don't remember the last time. It's been a while.

On the other hand, all it takes is another evening like yesterday for us to have a St. Barnabas Christmas. Whatever. The trick is to limit stimulation to him when he's THAT tired. It's not brain surgery, for crying out loud.

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