Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Refreshing Dose of Normalcy...

Last night, my brother, his wife & one of their daughters came by to visit (the other had left that morning to go to Atlanta, to visit with her father). It was a really nice visit: my wife cooked dinner, they brought copious presents for The Boy, and we had a nice night with each other.

The best thing about the night was that, for a little while, my family felt NORMAL. We didn't feel like we were a cancer family, trapped inside the house because of an immune-compromised toddler. We were just a normal family, spending time with the extended family.

One of the interesting things (that I've discussed before on this forum) is that people really and truly hesitate to call or to visit, fearing that they would be a "bother." To our friends: you are not a bother when you call. You are not a bother when you drop by to visit. To the contrary, we love visitors and we love callers A LOT!!!1!!1! Anything that takes us out of our chemotherapy-induced haze of existence is, by definition, a good thing.

We're not saying that we want overnight guests - unless, of course, you're willing to stick around and help out with stuff like overnight stays in the hospital and stuff like that. But, we love visitors. Even if you can only come by for fifteen minutes, please feel free to stop by and to say "Hi!" It'll make a positive difference for us.

The caveat with that is, of course, if you're sick - have been sick recently - have someone at home who is sick - then please do NOT come by. Call instead. Exposure to sick people means a two to four day hospital stay, which is no fun at all. On a related note, I am 50% through the process of installing one of those wall-mounted Purell dispensers - one of the ones that's automatic, hold your hands underneath and it spits into your hands. I'm excited about this. It's fun.

To the tune of "I Have a Litle Dreidel": "I have a little poopy, it's big and made of food; and when it's good and ready, then you will know I poo'd."


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