Monday, December 29, 2008

Two New Things

1) Most exciting, ever: The Boy was giving me nice tackle-hugs, and every time he did, I said, "I love you!" He actually said "Ah rur yooooo," which can be loosely translated as "I love you!"

Hey - it's tenuous. I'll take it, though.

2) If I had to be a Disney villain, it'd be Gaston. He's funny and very entertaining. The other are weird. Most scary Disney villain ever? The deacon from "The Hunchback of Notre Dame." The way he cut down the Hunchback's mother at the beginning was frightening. He only got scarier as the depths of his insanity were plumbed - characters like him, who believe that they were inspired by G-d to do the evil acts because the evil acts are done with good, G-d-fearing intentions, are horrendously frightening.

But, I would choose to be Gaston. "Now that I'm grown, I eat 5 dozen eggs... so I'm roughly the size of a BARGE!!!!"

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