Wednesday, December 10, 2008


So, we're home. His counts have come up enough that there's no sense keeping him in the hospital. Kid his age, he needs to move around and get into stuff and throw stuff and crawl and walk and things. That's better done at home. The only catch is that we've got to bring him in for counts on Friday morning, and likely a transfusion if his counts aren't moving in the right direction.

(And, if so, we're likely to do this all over again - a post-transfusion fever and a weekend in the hospital. Sigh.)

At least I get to sleep at home... this afternoon, I did get to jog and to nap, and I even had dinner with my family. The concert went well, and I think I made some friends with staff at Roosevelt. We'll see.

The Wife's going to try to get The Boy to sleep in his room tonight. Maybe I'll even get to play some snugglebunnies... not likely, but who knows?

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