Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Waiting for Godot

Here I am, lying on the inflatabed at the hospital at 9:30PM, with a baby snuggling up close by my right side, a hot laptop on my lap and Futurama on Comedy Central across the room. I did have a half hour of sitting time by myself, which was nice.

I love the fact that The Boy loves sleeping with us and derives such great comfort and support by our physical presence. I don't like the fact that, these days, he won't sleep at all without a person underneath him. That makes many things very, very difficult. It pretty much ties one person to the bed at all times, making conversation, talking on the phone, watching television, or snuggling with my wife very difficult. When I'm here by myself - or when anyone is here by themselves - it's very, very challenging. Getting up to go to the bathroom can be traumatic for everyone involved, particularly if he's close to the edge of the bed.

He is very, very cute, though. Lying there, his eyes partially open and rolling up inside his head... it's funny.

He probably will be released tomorrow. We hope. My brother's family is coming in around 6AM to relieve me, because I have 7:30AM jazz band at school. In addition, I have a meeting with an assistant superintendent 2nd period and with the principal 8th period. So much for prep periods, and me with a concert in two weeks. With luck, they'll release him around 10 o'clock, and Aunt M will take care of him until The Wife gets home from school. I have choir rehearsal tomorrow night, which I'm going to try to get to - I need the money, and I'm feeling well enough to sing for a couple of hours. (After all, I've been out of the hospital now for nearly 48 hours!)

Postion shift. He moved from next to me to across my chest. Makes typing a little more difficult. We'll see how long this lasts. I want to get something to drink and some tummy medicine - a little leftover reflux from my issues this week. I didn't eat dinner tonight, but I had a big lunch and decent breakfast. I'm not happy about eating around 1400 calories a day since Sunday, but I guess it's good for my weight loss diet. Particularly since I've been making an effort to drink four or five full plastic water bottles at work in order to stay hydrated.

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