Thursday, December 11, 2008


Long day. Longer bunch of days coming up.

The Boy is fine. He's actually a tad better than fine, right now: he's active, happy and eating like a horse. This morning, he polished off a bowl of yogurt and a bowl of oatmeal, the latter by dumping it over onto his tray and picking up the pieces individually. The dip-the-spoon thing worked great until it cooled enough to congeal. After that, he kept trying to bogart my pancakes.

School was interesting today - an a cappella group, "Ball in the House," came by to perform for the school. I heard the show one and a half times - one that I actually sat through and listened, and the second that I was in and out during the performance. The good part? I love a cappella music, and any chance I have to promote a cappella (and male singing) is gleefully and enthusiastically taken. The down part? With two school days left before the concert, I hated losing half of most of my periods due to the assembly. Still, if those twenty minutes REALLY make that much of a difference to the concert, then I screwed up back in September.

After school, I spent a couple of hours moving risers and setting up chairs and stands. Tomorrow morning, I have special rehearsals with 65, 39 and 70 kids in the auditorium at school. The outer rehearsals are two periods long each - making 80 minutes plus passing time. Granted, most of that first period will be settling kids into the correct chairs (and making the changes in the seating chart that I need to make). Still, I'm praying that the stage setup that I left at 5PM today will still be there at 7:30 tomorrow morning - or I'm going to lie on the ground in a fetal position, sucking my thumb and crying until the chairs magically reappear.

But, I digress.

I got home around 5 o'clock and woke the baby up when I walked into the house. That was fine, as I wanted me some baby snuggles. Baby snuggles I got. At dinner time, I felt really, really, really guilty. Being starving (amazing what two hours of moving choral risers, band chairs and percussion equipment will do for the appetite), I polished off one and a half servings of steak in about fifteen seconds. The Boy was absolutely crazy about eating steak tonight, and he ate half of my wife's portion and demanded more.

Considering that we're on doctor's orders to feed him what he wants to eat, I realize that I should have saved some of my steak. I feel kind of bad that he was asking for more steak and we had none to give him. Live and learn - next time, I'll save some. It wouldn't have affected my appetite or satiation at all to have a silver dollar-sized portion for him, and it might have made his night a little better.

After dinner, we gave him his Nupagen shot. All of us hate this. I strip his pants off, my wife sterilizes his leg, grabs a hunk of flesh and sticks the needle in and empties it. The Boy screams like a banshee before she comes near with the needle, because he's not stupid and realizes what's about to happen. Afterwards, he and I console each other with hugs and snuggles, and eventually he forgives us. I left for choir soon after.

I cringe to think about what it's going to be like when he goes through his terrible twos, like I'm hearing about with one of the secretaries' grandsons at work. What's The Boy going to do? Refuse his medicine? Start ripping tubes out of him when he's in the hospital? (That can be catastrophically bad.) Start swinging at nurses when they come at him with medical intent?

Throwing a temper tantrum wouldn't be the answer. He'd go flat on his belly & get stuck with a needle in his butt for his time. That would actually make life easier for us. He'll need to be more creative with his tantrums.

But, time marches on and he develops despite our best efforts to chemically destroy his immune system.

It begs the question: who is the person who first said, "Cytoxin... hmmm... this chemical will render you sterile, hard of hearing, sick and dead. I know - let's stick it in cancer patients and see what happens!" That guy should be in the hall of fame next to the dude who first realized, "Hmmmm... fungus.... if I take this and chop it up, it'll taste GREAT on a pizza."


Bill said...

Try numbing with an ice cube or a cold wash cloth before the shot.

Musical Daddy said...

That's a good one... I think we'll try it, once we have to give nupagen again.

the mol said...

Funny how we learned that Cytoxan (Cyclophosphamide) is actually a mustard gas derivative.