Monday, January 12, 2009

Assorted cuteness...

So, when I got home today, The Boy dashed up (well, crawled quickly) to the gate, stood and started picking at the screws holding the gate together. The Wife said that he took a screwdriver from the table near the top of the stairs (where I put it after assembling The Boy's train table on Saturday) and fit it inside the screws holding the gate together. Thanks go to Grandpa, for buying him a present that taught him that the screwdriver can be used on screws... it's only a matter of time before I come home from school and find the Playstation 3 disassembled into its components.

Yesterday, I was sitting in the chair, and he hid behind the chair. He stuck his head out, said, "Hi!", then ducked back behind the chair. Repeat four times. It was very funny!

This afternoon, we were sitting in bed, and I was lying on my stomach. He laid across my back to watch Sesame Street, but then climbed up and started bouncing. We bounced up and down a bit, with a look of pure elation and excitement on his face. Very cute. He got mad at me when we stopped and went to go eat dinner.

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