Saturday, January 3, 2009

Avengers Assemble!

Did you know that there was a British TV show called "The Avengers" before the comic book hit big? I didn't either, until a few years ago. I watched an episode or two at that point, and I was unimpressed. I know, I know; one needs to examine television with an eye OF the times, instead of the modern eye. However, I've gotten used to good writing, interesting characterization and non-stereotypical gender roles. As in, I don't want my women existing for the sole purpose of being saved. It's not "The Prisoner," that's for sure.

But, I digress.

Today was an interesting day, in the full Chinese meaning. It started last night, when The Boy, The Wife and I were asleep before 10:30PM - a true rarity in this house. Usually, at least one of us, if not all three, are up until midnight or so (as I am now). We slept until 8:30 as well, making it a night of immense and long sleeps.

The Boy is funny when he sleeps. Occasionally, when he tosses and turns himself into an odd shape, he'll crinkle his face into the "maddest baby in the entire world" face, scream one loud, short bark of something, then straighten himself out and fall right back asleep. Musical Daddy, being a light sleeper of the first order, wakes up, checks the baby over to make sure nothing is wrong, glares balefully at the little one, and falls back asleep.

The Wife, being a sound sleeper of nigh-historical proportions, doesn't stir. This is genetic, I'm sure; she and her brother take after their father. The brother-in-law, incidentally, is famous for two sleeps: 1) rolling off of the top bunk in childhood and remaining asleep after the 4-foot drop onto the hardwood, and 2) remaining asleep in the basement of his frat house while a group of men came in, uninstalled the hot water heater, dragged it out of the room and up the stairs, dragged in the new one, installed it, and left. Truly impressive, and an Olympian feat.

But, I digress.

He had a couple little yelps like that last night, most notably when Grandma & Grandpa left around 7:15 to go have breakfast with my father. We all arose and had breakfast together, sort of; I waited until my wife was done eating cereal before I joined them at the table, not wanting to start a fight with her so early in the morning. (You know how people get really irritated by the sound of others slurping soup? That's me. I'm very sensitive and irritable before I eat in the morning, but I'm not stupid enough to start a fight with an unbeatable foe.)

After breakfast, I did the ironing. It was 7 shirts - 6 of mine, one of my wife's. I like to do the ironing, as I find it meditative and relaxing. Weird, no? Plus, I find that it helps me to get through watching a sporting event. I was ironing during the Game 5 of the 2001 ALDS against the A's, and that's when Derek Jeter made The Play; so, it MUST mean that my ironing is lucky for my teams.

As I ironed, I got thirsty and went to fill my water bottle. Hmmm... no water pressure in the bathroom. No water pressure in the kitchen. Oh, &@#$. Sure enough, an under-insulated pipe in the garage split down the middle and was spewing water everywhere. Long story short, I finally found the water-shutoff (no way to shut off just that part, only the entire system), waited for my father, made two trips to Home Debit and finally ran into a local plumber who stopped by and fixed it, thanks to Grandpa for picking up the check there.

At the SAME time, the HVAC guy came by so that we could sign the papers to get a new furnace & AC unit put in the house. Not that ours died, but I'd really like a furnace that, in general, blew cold air in the summer and warm air in the winter instead of the other way around.

At the SAME time, one of The Wife's friends stopped by, and I was juggling calls from two friends that I'm seeing on Saturday and from Western Governor's University, which wants me to start classes again.

And, to make matters more interesting, trying to give directions to a buddy who brought a few people down to help us clean up around the house. They didn't arrive until hours later, but still... it was AWESOME to have that help. They really did a wonderful thing for us - let The Wife play with The Boy, and I helped put things away, sterilze the eating areas, reorganize shelves and other things. My wife's family are wonderful people, but they hit the house like a Chaos Wave and tend to leave the house somewhat in disorder. They try, they really do; but the kitchen is usually an unholy mess and takes several days to finally get back in order.

But, I'm obsessive-compulsive and hate when the status is no longer quo. Disorganized shelves annoy me to no end.

So, they left, I exercised, The Boy napped. The Wife cooked and straightened. After dinner, we snuggled for a while and they fell asleep. I'm not asleep. I don't know why. Tomorrow's going to be busy, but in a good way (even though I just found out that a friend of mine is moving to the midwest permanently). Then, Sunday is a normal Sunday, and then... back to work, Sparky!

Except, I get to be the Sugar Daddy this time. That's it, woman... meet me at the front door with my robe, pipe and my newspaper. Barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen! Grar! I am man, hear me roar!

(Ummm... I hope y'all know I'm kidding. I don't wear robes - prefer sweat pants, and I wouldn't change clothes at the door because I like hanging my work clothes up. I don't smoke a pipe - that whole asthma thing, you know. My newspaper is a morning paper. And, when The Wife is barefoot in the kitchen cooking dinner - and she is pregnant - I'm smart enough to only make that joke after she brings it up.)

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