Monday, January 19, 2009

Boring, sort of.

You know it's been a long time since I've blogged when my wife ( put in about ten entries since my last one.

With one exception, this past five days have been blissfully, wonderfully boring. Nothing remotely exciting happening on The Boy's front, or in my / our lives. This is a welcome change, and I've been mentally on vacation since - well, Thursday night.

The exception: we got our new furnace put in on Thursday. It went very smoothly, and the new machine works wonderfully. The only down bit? My white iPod - the one that we use when The Boy is in the hospital - is missing from its spot next to the computer since Thursday. I'm positive I brought it home from the hospital, because I updated it on Sunday night. I'm also equally positive that I didn't take it anywhere, because that's what I use the iPod Touch for - all of my movies, tv shows, podcasts and currently interesting music are on the Touch. I've ripped apart my bedroom, the computer room, the living room & dining room and the cars looking for it. My fondest hope is that one of the workers moved it when they were cleaning the vents and they'll tell me where it is; but, when the president of the company doesn't return your call, one starts to wonder. I'm going to wait until I speak with him (IF I speak with him) before I start a smear campaign, but if it isn't resolved to my satisfaction, then the entire state of New Jersey is going to hear about the workers that stole the iPod of a baby in chemotherapy.

Other than that, it's been boring. The Boy has been healthy, other than needing blood today - necessitating a ten hour day at the Valerie Fund Center, because we had to do a CBC, a type-and-cross and then get platelets (1.5 hours) and red blood cells (2 hours). The Wife and I have been healthy and getting reasonable sleep. Sister C & Brother C from Maryland came to visit this weekend, which was nice, even though Brother C ate something that violently disagreed with him. (We hope. That's all we need is another stomach virus.)

(Interesting note: this year, I've missed one day, total, that I've been sick. In my career, I've averaged at least one per month. I'm guessing that it's the extra naps that The Boy tackles me, holds me down and forces me to take.)

The Boy has done a few new-ish and cute things. Saturday, he took three lurching, diving steps towards me, unassisted. He's become more and more communicative, including asking for "up, up" and then pointing to let me know where he wants to go - including, cutely, letting me know when he wants to watch TV and take a nap with me. (He's okay with napping, as long as I'm doing it as well.) He understands "high chair" and "hungry," including crawling from the bedroom to the dining room and standing up and pulling on his highchair straps when we say, "You want breakfast?" to him. Yesterday, he pulled down an apple cereal bar when we were too slow with dinner and ate the entire thing.

Okay. the caffeine from dinner & the Mountain Dew I drank is starting to kick in. Tonight, I'm going to try to run three miles - first time I've been above two since... um... well, a long time. Certainly since I hurt my knee in Denver at the barbershop convention (whacking it into a fire hydrant).

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