Saturday, January 10, 2009

IHOP for Breakfast

Last night, we left the hospital around 8:30-ish. The Boy's chemo started at noon and finished at 7 - the first medication, carboplatin, is administered via IV infusion over a six hour time period. The second medication, etoposide, takes an hour, with the nurse taking a blood pressure reading every fifteen minutes to monitor effects.

Well, she's supposed to take it then. Considering that the etoposide was administered right at shift change time - 6PM - they missed two of the BP checks. The Wife and The Boy were admitted at 8AM, and it still took until noon to start the chemo. Whatever. The only real alternative is to check in on Thursday night, and that's not going to happen.

After the etoposide was done, they super-hydrate him for an hour to flush the medication out of his system. Normally, he gets 40 mL per hour of fluids - that's considered "maintenance" levels. It'll go up to 100 mL/hr or 120 mL/hr during the flushing part of the treatment. When that was done, we went home.

I exercised, The Wife studied music that she's going to record for me. Afterwards, we watched the first nine webisodes of Battlestar Galactica, entitled "The Face of the Enemy." Haunting - really great writing and acting. We talked for another hour or so and fell asleep. This morning, we went to IHOP for breakfast and arrived here at the hospital at around quarter after ten.

Grandma and The Boy were napping, because he was awake at 5AM and had a poop the size of a battleship.

The interesting thing? The Boy looks FAT this morning! Not swollen with fluids, like he occasionally gets; I mean, actually, authentically baby-style FAT! It's really nice to see, considering that he's been eating like a little piggy for the last month or so.

I call him "Fatty McFatfat" when he's all chubby like that. He thinks it's funny.

Right now, he's sitting on his playmat with Mommy, playing and watching Baby Songs. He's very cute, particularly with those chubby cheeks and expressive face.

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