Wednesday, January 7, 2009

An interesting day, kind of.

Today's one of those days. My to-do list started the day at 11 items (I don't put normal, everyday stuff on the list - just the extraordinary stuff), which is okay. After my first prep period, my to-do list dropped to 7; at the end of the day, it was up to 16. Sigh. Three steps forward, seven steps back. Blech.

My former student, Goofy, picked me up at home and took me to the hospital, where The Wife was waiting with The Boy for his procedure today. He would be knocked out, have a camera inserted into his thingie until they found the stent, then grabbed it and dragged it out. Ick. The Wife and Goofy and I sat until he was wheeled in, then waited for the 20-minute procedure to finish. He was awake before we got back to the recovery room, and we were home forty-five minutes later.

I didn't work out tonight because I'm just flat-out exhausted. I did start up the new computer and started to uninstall some of the crappier programs that came with it. We're watching the new episodes of Scrubs, and I'm not quite so impressed.

Anyway. Time to shave, shower & go to bed. Point is, The Boy is fine, thanks.

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