Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It feels weird...

Yesterday was just - well - boring. We didn't have enough stuff with us to entertain The Boy, The Wife and me for the ten hours that we were at the Valerie Fund Center. Good thing his numbers were low enough that we spent a good chunk of the day napping. Still, it was boring, so we were all a little keyed up and ready to be HOME when we got there.

Prefacing the rest of the story, it feels GOOD to be dealing with "normal parent" problems for a little while, even though I only got about five hours' worth of sleep in the seven hours since I went to bed.

The Wife put him down around 8 or 8:30, and he pitched an absolute FIT. It wasn't the sort of the thing that two parents could help - matter of fact, this was one of those things that the other parent needs to run and hide for a while. I went downstairs, tried for my 3 miles and fell a quarter mile short. Sigh. By the time I finished (35 minutes later), he was asleep and The Wife was on the computer. We cuddled up and watched some television (the penultimate episode of House before the new one) and lights-out a little before 11. 12:45, he was awake. The Wife comforted him for a half-hour, and then had to go to the bathroom - which caused him to pitch another major fit. I took him until about 1:45, when I handed him back to The Wife. He was awake again at 2:30 and again at 3:15.

The 2:30 wakeup was cute, though - he crawled into the bedroom and said, "Up! Up! Up!" I took him back at 2:30, and he was asleep in five minute. The Wife took care of the other one. We're a team, you know - when one gets tired, they tag the other one into the ring. I won't say which one is Hawk and which one is Animal, but I think we're almost as good of a team.

No wakeup at 4AM, though, thankfully. When he woke at 5:40 and pitched a minor fit, I picked him up and took him into bed with us because he's cute. Let's hope tonight is better.

Watching the swearing-in at school today. Should be interesting.

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