Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Night #2: Not as much success, but decent

I went home for lunch yesterday, which was really nice. The Boy was already in his high chair eating, and I quickly demolished a sandwish and knish. Afterwards, I got a solid ten minutes of playing-with-the-baby time, which was a real treat. When I got home from school that afternoon, I found out that he hadn't napped except in the car, which doesn't really count.

That, I can fix. I'm good at the whole nap thing.

So, the three of us lay down together and napped. I was up forty-five minutes later to leave for chorus rehearsal. The wife was up a little while later, The Boy somewhat later.

Fast forward to 11PM, when I arrived home. I did the usual bedtime stuff for me, and climbed into bed and fell asleep quite quickly. At around 2, he woke up, crawled into the hallway and started to cry. I got up and grabbed him. The interesting thing? He hugged me like he was afraid that I would disappear forever! I mean, this was a whole body hug. It told me that he was really scared and agitated. That isn't a state that I want my high-blood-pressure cancer-patient son to experience.

So, instead of doing the "Ferberize" thing and put him in bed and let him cry, I hugged him and rocked him for a while, until I felt his body relax and calm down. Then I put him in his bed. At that point, he was awake and very awake, so after a half hour I traded places with my wife. True to form, he was asleep five minutes later. He woke up again at 3:45, and she put him back to bed - or maybe I did. I'm not sure. I think I went in there again at some point, because I had my iPod and I checked a couple of websites at around 4AM. Memory is a bit hazy.

At 5:45, he was up again, and we took him into bed with us. That's fine with me - for non-chemo days, if he stays in his own bed from 8 or 9PM or whatever his bedtime winds up being, until 5:30AM or so, I consider that a success.

The only issue is that we need another baby gate, to put across the hallway. He made another mad dash towards the living room at 5:30, necessitating The Wife sprinting after him. That kid is going to wind up breaking stuff if we're not careful... and, likely, he'll wind up braking stuff even if we ARE careful!!! He is wily, impish, focused and remarkably patient. Those are wonderful things, until he decides that he wants to do something we would prefer him to avoid.

Ah... NORMAL baby problems. This whole sleep thing, this whole imp-y behavior thing, it's wonderful to take care of. I can handle wakeful babies and mischevious babies MUCH better than surgery-baby, chemo-baby or cancer-baby.

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