Thursday, January 1, 2009

Not a big resolution guy.

I've never been the kind of guy that requires an arbitrarily-chosen date to start stuff. "I'll start working out on New Year's Day!" "I'll give up drinking for Lent!" "I'll start my diet the day after Labor Day!" Whatever. I'm not that patient, and if I'm going to start something, I want to start it NOW.

So, I don't have any resolutions.

Last year at this time, I was worrying about bouncy seats in the living room, three hours at a time of sleep, not having a job and helping my wife work through her job. The Boy was four months old.

Now? He's 16 months old, and I'm worrying about his blood counts. He's got a more extreme version of my hair cut - he doesn't have the goatee, or eyebrows, or eye lashes. He's been through two surgeries, with one more minor surgery (to remove the stent) left to go, for this time period. He's just about walking - certainly crawling and climbing - and he's just about talking - with some recognizable words mixed in with lots of babbling.

The Wife has now left her job, and I'm working instead. I'm going to start working on the end parts of my math degree, but I honestly thought that, at this point, I'd be finishing it up and looking for math jobs. In addition, I'm not teaching private lessons any more, but I'm still directing one chorus and singing with another - just for work, not necessarily for fun.

Sigh. What a difference a year makes.


Jennifer said...

You guys have definitely had a rough year. It can only get better...right?

Musical Daddy said...

Famous last words. I hope to never utter the statement, "Can this get any w--se?" because, inevitably, it will.