Friday, January 9, 2009

On my way to school...

Chemo Day today. The Boy and The Wife are meeting my father at the hospital within the next hour. The hope is that if they hit the hospital early enough, we can actually get chemo started at a reasonable hour this time. Last time, they arrived at 9AM, and the chemo actually got started at 5:30PM. This time, we hope it'll be slightly more efficient, particularly since one of the chemo drugs is administered via IV drip for six hours.

The first time, his chemo wasn't administered until around 11:30PM, which meant a WAAAAY late night for whomever was staying with him. Not good. We'd prefer to avoid the whole 1 or 2AM chemo finish-up. It's just easier.

Grandma managed to get the nurses to come in and change The Boy during Diaper Hell hours. I've never been quite so lucky, but I'm also a little more anal retentive than she is. More to the point, I'd wake up anyway when they changed him, and I'd wake myself up five minutes before his time, so I might as well do it myself.

Not sure which night I'm going to stay over this time. Usually, it'd be Saturday night, with The Wife bringing breakfast for me on the way to church. This time? Not so sure, thanks to 4-6 inches of snow being delivered Saturday night. I don't think I want The Wife driving in that kind of weather, and I don't think I want her and her mother stuck in the house with that much snow (...and to have to shovel the snow after it's been sitting and icing over for ten hours or so, because Preggo and her mom probably aren't going to grab a shovel and start making snow fly).

There's a chance that he'll be coming home Sunday night. I'll believe it when I see it.

Gotta go - helping with medicine. Wish us luck - the carboplatin is the stuff that can cause hearing damage.

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