Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sneaky little imp...

...tried to fall asleep without being in his bed. But, I'm onto him!

Mommy left at around 6:45 to go to her new orchestra rehearsal, leaving me with The Boy at home. Sausage party!

Short night for him. We finished dinner, cleaned up, had a snack, played for a bit, and he flipped out like he was bitten. Not sure what it was - just freaked out. He wouldn't listen to stories, listen to music or play. He just cried. Eventually, I gave up and brought him to the Playstation to play Pixeljunk Monsters, which is a very cute game, visually, with the most soothing music imaginable. He almost fell asleep.

I caught him, though. And we moved into his bed. He cried out in protest, but he's completely out in just the time it took to type this - and I'm a quick typist.

Silly little imp-y man.

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