Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day, Snow Day!

Ahhh, Young Padawan... you are learning.

That's directed to my wife, who just said, "I didn't used to want to take a nap. But, now [that I'm home full-time with The Boy] I just won't fight the power." Join the Dark Side, baby. Looooooove the afternoon nap. Caress it... it's the best part of the day.

Today was a snow day. Interestingly enough, the telephone first rang at about 3AM from my wife's old job's autodialer. I got my phone-chain call at 5:30AM, and my district's autodialer got me at 7AM. Still managed to get everyone back to sleep until 8:30.

The Boy was delighted to see me when he woke up. He bounced between my wife and myself in bed, just jumping back and forth until he got hungry enough to yell at us. We got breakfast together, and I went outside to shovel snow. The Boy and The Wife came outside for a little while and played in the snow until it started raining. I finished up shoveling and came back inside.

Afterwards, we dealt with our iPod problem. Weltman, the company that put it our new furnace, had swiped one of our iPods. I guess the workers decided that it was a nice tip or something. Of course, we didn't see the workers take it, but considering that I'm really, really anal retentive about my electronics, and it disappeared the day that they were installing the furnace.... well, that is circumstantial evidence that is acceptable to me.

Today was a wonderful day indealing with them. They've done a wonderful job making me feel like I'm the thief, not them, including our person telling me that they had done nothing wrong because "we background check all of our people!" Apparently, the background check missed something. "No, we didn't."

So, please remember that - "Weltman Plumping." They did wonderful work - the furnace is great and works wonderfully. They just swiped my iPod.

Anyway. We spoke with a couple of detectives from town about the iPod, who said that they were going to interview the workers. Hope so.

We also paid for the new garage doors and windows today. We're very happy about their work - Essex Door Company. Quick work, and big differences were made. This was a lot of work that got done on the house in the last couple of weeks. But, considering that we're going to be in the house more each week than we used to be, and considering that we're not going on vacation for a couple of years, it's fine.

We had lunch then, and we all settled down for a nap that last three hours (for him) and two hours (for us). When I'm done with this, and we're done with Scrubs, we're going to the mall to get a new iPod. New iPod Touch (2nd generation 32GB) or iPod Classic (120 GB)? Don't know yet. Whichever their rotten insurance will pay for.

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