Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Warning: Political Post

I do my very best to avoid discussing Important, Controoversial Things on this blog, like politics, religion and baseball, because I don't want to get into arguments with anybody. The important thing in my life, and the important thing behind this blog, is The Boy; getting The Boy healthy is the number one priority in my life, and things like politics are distant irritants in comparison. But, yesterday was an interesting day.

I think yesterday was a "Flash" moment. I think and hope that it'll be one of Those Days, that you'll remember where you were and what you were doing when he was sworn into office. I mean, think about it - even a year ago, if somebody told you that a black man would be elected president, what would your response be?

Interesting thought: if Obama wins a second terms, then The Boy will grow up only knowing a black man as president. Wouldn't it be nice if he thought we were all weird for thinking it's a big deal that a black man / woman / Muslim / Jew was elected president?

Most often, our "Flash" moments are negative: JFK gets assassinated. John Lennon gets shot. The space shuttle Challenger explodes. War is declared in the Middle East during the Super Bowl in 1991. Students take an assault rifle into the school in Columbine. The World Trade Center gets destroyed by terrorists. Finding a lump in your infant son's belly, and being told that he had cancer. Being told that he was embarking on a two-year chemo treatment.

Wouldn't it be nice, if this turns out to be a "Flash" moment that does NOT involve death and destruction? I have a few: a couple of kisses with different girlfriends. Meeting the woman that would eventually become my wife. A couple of moments at my wedding that, with due respect, I'm not going to share with you. Watching my son being born.

I admit to having voted for President Obama. I consider myself a Republican, but an "old-fashioned" conservative. I believe the government's job is common defense (the armed forces) and to take care of those that cannot take care of themselves. Other than that, I do not want the government involved with my life or others' lives. I feel that my party has betrayed that over the last fifteen years or so and become a party that wants a bigger and more expensive government that is more involved in everybody's life. Plus, Sarah Palin scares the crap out of me - I know that our current society seems to reward ignorance, but somebody who has that little respect for science and for education has no business being involved with national office. (Click the link to find one example. She's ignorant and proud of it.)

With luck, the intelligent wing of the Republican party will return to that more classic conservative value, self-reliance and private charity and private responsibility. That's what I believe.

But, I digress.

Best of luck to the incoming administration. You'll need it. President Bush screwed things up to a fare-thee-well, and it's likely going to take years and years to undo his mess. (Interesting that he has a lower approval rating than Nixon, post-Watergate, did.)

Politics over. Back to baby.


Xbox360addict - AKA Brankind on the Xbox 360 said...

I hope Sarah Palin runs for office 2012. This way Barack will get second huge landslide victory.

Musical Daddy said...

The scary thing is, she just might win - she's somehow got people convinced that her ignorance is "cute."

Xbox360addict - AKA Brankind on the Xbox 360 said...

if that happens I am moving to Canada.
We just got rid of an idiot , last thing we need is Bush part 2 : Even dumber than dumber.

Charles De Mar said...

Forget the Republicans already. Vote Libertarian.