Saturday, January 24, 2009

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Relatively boring day today. He had a good night last night - woke up twice, but both were the "quick-hug-then-tuck-me-back-in" wakeups that result in a quick back-to-sleep. He woke at 5AM, but was calm and snuggly until about 8:00, when we were up for good. We had breakfast, then snuggled and played until we left for lunch with a student of mine. When we got home, we watched last week's episode of House, then I did some reading while we played on the bed.

Cuteness: when I give him some Trader Joe's "Cats Cookies," he starts feeding them to me one at a time.

Man, I just got nothing tonight. I've got a little cold than I'll be over by Monday or Tuesday. I'm making good headway on my math schoolwork, I think. Time for bed.

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