Wednesday, February 11, 2009


(Is "blech" pronounced "blech" with a ch as in chips, or "bleck" with a hard K sound? The debate continues.)

Last night, I didn't get to sleep until around 3:30AM. I hate when that happens, mostly because I spend lots of time tossing and turning in bed until I get frustrated enough to head into the living room. This, I'm sure, causes extreme irritation in the rest of the family, as evidenced by The Boy waking up enough to yell at me on a half-dozen occasions. Richly deserved, but I shouldn't have to be scolded by a 17-month old punk kid because I have a touch of insomnia. Now, I'm at another school for the day, my team teacher took the day off (I did the same thing to him, so I shouldn't be surprised), and I'm pouring hot coffee down into a demolished stomach so that I have the patience not to strangle a kid.

They're not my students. I'm just borrowing them for the day. I have no right to return them to Band Guy with a few less dummers. (Whoops - did I leave out the "r" again?)

On the other hand, The Boy woke at 6:30AM, bright and smiling. The Wife didn't. What a morning! I think he's more of a morning person, like I am. Time will tell.

Updates to follow. My teaching schedule today is more spread out than my usual. Normally, I have four classes in a row, right in the middle of the day. Today - prep period, class, prep period, class, lunch duty, class, lunch, class, class, go home. Well, go to my school and get some stuff done.

The Boy's IEP meeting (it's not a special education plan, but as a teacher, that's what I respond to) is today at 1 o'clock. We'll find out his therapy schedule at that point. Updates will follow.


Bill said...

With a K.

Insomnia cure. Find a song that relaxes you, or a favorite song. Sing it in your head over and over and over. You'll fall asleep fairly soon.

Jennifer said...

I totally understand IEP terminology too! I don't have to deal with them thankfully! At least not yet...if there are no arts next year I may get to really learn about IEP's. I'm glad the boy has an IEP plan in place to help.