Friday, February 27, 2009

Change of plans... or zzzzZAP!

As The Boy was in the Valerie Fund Center, getting his counts checked, our oncologist got a note from the Big Kahuna Wilms Tumor guy that he wants The Boy to get radiation instead of chemo. So, we're off of chemo for this weekend. We have a meeting Monday morning with Dr. Chen Lu to discuss his radiation.

(For those that don't get the reference... Chen Lu is better known as the Marvel Comics villain, "Radiation Man." That's probably how I'll refer to our radiation guy for a while.)

My understand - and, Logical Mommy, please correct this & edit the post if I'm mistaken - is that we'll be getting radiation for a week or so. Allegedly, the biggest potential side effect is a change in his growth pattern in his midsection. Great. I've got stubby little legs because of my asthma steroids, and The Boy will have the reverse. Sigh. So much for giving him my hand-me-down suits. The day-to-day side effects should be less than the chemo, which is good. This will not cause a change in his chemo regimen's length or severity. Chemo will continue as planned.

I'm scared. I really am. I know my father had a good experience with radiation - it saved his life when he fought with prostate cancer. For some reason, this is far more terrifying than the chemotherapy.

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