Friday, February 6, 2009

Fool me twice...

I got home from school today around 4 o'clock, like I usually do. It's amazing that, at a time when I've actually almost caught up with the work at work, I can still find an hour's worth of stuff at school. Anyway.

All week, I've changed downstairs when I've come home. At school, the students have been passing around a nasty, nasty THING that has had over 100 students (out of 750) absent every day this week. It's not a "my tummy hurts because I have a test" thing - it's something that has them drag-assy for a couple of days before and after, with big black bags under their eyes. My 6th period class - which is the 7th graders right before lunch - has been devastated by this illness, with around half of the class missing at least one day this week. I've dropped trou when I've come in the house, because I'm afraid that the kids' germs will stick to my clothes and spread to The Boy.

Not to give you images of me going up the stairs in my unmentionables. That's just scary.

So, I get my wife to bring us a cereal bar. I give The Boy a little piece, and he takes one bite and pukes his lunch, snack and one bite of cereal bar on me and the bed. After getting cleaned up and changed, we both nap HARD for a couple of hours. We had salmon and pierogies for dinner; he wasn't into either, so The Boy ate some grapes, an egg with ketchup and a big of other stuff.

Long story short, about an hour after dinner (even after getting Zofran, the great anti-nausea medicine), he released his entire dinner on me. That makes twice he puked on me today. Sigh.

We're pretty sure that (despite good blood counts at the Valerie Fund Center today) this is chemo-related. He'll be on a bland diet for the next couple of days, at least until he goes to the center on Monday. We were a little under the gun tonight, because we used the last dose of Zofran after the second puke, and the doctor had to call in the refills. The Valerie Fund Center's answering service doesn't take messages or page doctors, so I used our pediatrician's personal cel phone (which he gave to me / us about five months ago in case of situations like this) to get him to call in the prescription.

He won't go to bed on time. With luck, he'll be asleep by the start of Battlestar (10PM) tonight.

Hey - anyone on Twitter? If so, let me know - my username is "chucksax".

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