Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lazy Day, part 16

We went to IHOP for breakfast this morning. I didn't head in to church, because I woke up and couldn't talk, or move. After a quick snack for The Boy, we went to IHOP and enjoyed a fast food breakfast. He ate half of my eggs, half of my wife's eggs and half of her pancakes. He didn't like my pancakes - the healthy nut & grain pancakes. Got home from IHOP in time for a big poo (one of four poopy diapers on the day, although to be fair two of them were just little poo residues) and lots of playing. At around ten, we retired to the bedroom to rest for a while, because The Boy wanted to go there.

The two of us napped while The Wife went food shopping. We woke up in time for lunch, then returned to bed pretty quickly afterward. The Boy and The Wife napped for a solid couple of hours while I finished filing papers downstairs and started our taxes. When they finally rolled out of bed, we realized that he had spent most of six hours in bed this morning and afternoon. Whatever.

The next two hours were spent with the normal sort of playing he's done. Every once in a while, he'll push himself to standing without grabbing onto anything. He'll look around proudly for a moment, then take a couple of steps forward to grab a toy, or a bench, or the couch, or a parent. There was even a neat moment when he picked up his drum by the mallets (which were attached to the drum by a string) and carried it six or seven steps across the room! It's pretty darn cool to see, because he is really buying into the whole "walking" thing. The amazing thing is that his walking is 100% at his own pace and his own style.

After dinner, we drove up to Grandpa's house. Uncle T had brought us a cooler full of food, and I didn't get to pick it up after church. The Boy played with some cool wooden toys at showed Grandpa some of his new tricks. Then, we stopped at Uncle P's house and played for a while. The Boy ate a couple of animal crackers, then he puked it out all over my pants. But, he showed off his walking and his horsey-riding skills.

Now, it's midnight and he's still awake. We kept him up too long. Sigh. One more insomniac night. You'd think we'd have learned on Friday.

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