Friday, February 20, 2009

My weekend's clear... now what?

I was expecting to be in & out of the hospital from today through Tuesday. Not so much anymore. So, now what?

Here's the "fun" bit about having a kid in chemotherapy: the complete and utter lack of a consistent schedule. As soon as we got yesterday's news, we had to:
1) move a plane flight by my mother-in-law coming from Pittsburgh; 2) reschedule Aunt M's visit from Harrisburg to take over for mom-in-law on Monday morning; 3) reschedule Grandpa's Friday, Monday and Tuesday back a week; 4) figure out how I'm going to juggle musical rehearsals and helping get The Boy out of the hospital in another week; 5) reschedule a couple of visits from friends, or move them from the hospital to our house.

Keep in mind that next week's chemotherapy is entirely contingent upon the Tumor Review Board's decision. We're not sure when they are meeting, and we're not sure if such decisions take one meeting, two or more than two meetings.

(Tumor Review Board. What a name. Sign me up for that one... I can just see the meetings. Folders handed out with pictures of tumors, like "America's Next Top Model." Urgh.)

I am not complaining about having to do this rescheduling. It is a joyous event, to have good counts for one more week. No nupagen, no transfusions, keeping those beautiful, long eyelashes for a little while longer. No Diaper Hell, no making six trips to the hospital every day and no overdosing on caffeine to keep myself going. No cleaning the floor and the toys two or three times per day, no crappy (relatively speaking) television set with not enough sound playing 24 hours per day except for the random shut-offs that happen.

I think we're going to go out to dinner tonight, to celebrate having one more week of good counts and no nupagen shots. I have a doctor's appointment after school, then I'll rest with The Boy for an hour or so. After all, he gets very angry when he can't put me down for my nap. We'll go to the hibachi place on route 22, where my sister-in-law bought us a gift certificate for the holidays. The Boy will really like watching the chefs cook the food, I think! And, since his counts are good, we can relax a bit and enjoy the evening.

Then, episode 6 of the last season of Battlestar - 4 more after tonight, then the best show on television ends. Sigh.

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the mol said...

This is also assuming that he doesn't get radiation. Radiation would mean a few more weeks without chemo. Which has its perks, but it's still radiation.