Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Never Enough Time To Do What We Need...

Last night was an interesting night. I got home from barbershop at 11 o'clock, like usual. The Boy woke up when I entered the house and declined to go back to sleep. More to the point, he was Awake and Ready To Play. Long story short, we were up until 12:45AM, although we did finally stop trying to put him back to sleep by 11:45PM and gave the poor kid some freedom from bed.

It was really, really nice to deal with - here we go again - Normal Parent Problems. Normal Parents complain about their kid not going back to sleep at night. Normal Parents come to work glassy-eyed because they were up with their toddler at all hours of the night playing peekaboo. Normal Parents backtrack on their sleep training to get a few good hours of sleep.

It did suck to get four hours' of sleep before work. I'm not young enough to comfortably get by on four hours' sleep anymore. Thank G-d for coffee.

After work, the three of us watched the new episodes of Scrubs before he and I settled down for our nap. My telephone woke me up at 5:30, and I spent 40 minutes chatting with Band Guy about marching band for next year.

The social worker arrived at around six for our conference. Again, long story short, the county is covering most of the cost for his therapy. It'll cost us around $14 per visit, pending me digging my 2008 W2. It's looking better and better that I didn't work for most of 2008 and that The Wife isn't working now, because it is driving the cost down for us significantly. They are having a team meeting next week, while I'm at school, to discuss this. Okay, fine. The Boy had dinner while we spoke, consuming roughly his body weight in chicken and half of my dinner to boot.

...all of which he puked up about an hour or so later when he got his Pepcid. Hopefully they can mix it better, because this keeps happening. It doesn't do him any good to get stomach acid medicine when he vomits every time he gets it. It would seem to me that that stuff would be doing more harm than good in that situation. It also seems that The Boy has now not had food since his late lunch. Sigh.

He was playful before he puked, snuggly and clingy afterwards. Not unexpected. He got to sleep around 9:30, and I spent the next two hours doing schoolwork. This research stuff is pretty detailed, you know? Now, The Wife is sitting in with him.

My prediction? The toddler bed experiment won't last until the end of this week. If we can't leave him alone when he's in his bed without him pitching a fit, then we need to do one of two things: let him cry it out, or stop leaving him alone in his bed. The problem with letting him cry it out now is that we feel uncomfortable letting the baby with hypertension cry himself into a frenzy. Also, the normal snot that heavy criers would bring into their stomachs (runny nose, snot goes somewhere) gets puked up by The Boy. So, letting him cry it out bring significant problems. Stopping the toddler bed thing brings the problem of - for all intents and purposes - chaining one of us to the bed while he's in there and effectively ending or curtailing our sex life until he's old enough to understand reasons to use his own bed.

Even though we haven't exactly felt as romantic as we could be, I'm not too fond of the second option. It might be time (with doctor clearance that we're not going to give him a heart attack) to teach The Boy sleeping through the night the way I was taught - close his door, close our door and wear earplugs.

All things considered, I think he'll be out of his toddler bed by the weekend. I don't think the situation - with one of us sitting in there with him until he falls asleep and then sneaking away on a squeaky floor and praying not to wake him up - is tenable. I REALLY don't want to lose another hour's worth of sleep at 3AM to try to put him back to sleep only to have him follow me into our bedroom twenty minutes later.

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