Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pretty predictable.

The only thing that I've noticed about being a Dad is that, if you pay attention, most of what The Boy does is pretty predictable. Infants like routine, and they like things to be Just So. My wife continually cites an article she read stating the obsessive-compulsive nature of young children. I agree with that entirely. He wants things to be a certain way, and when they are, he is happiest.

Breakfast this morning is a perfect example. We normally go out to breakfast on Saturday mornings. It's tradition. He expects it and enjoys it. To make things work better, we gave him a snack immediately upon waking. This allowed us to focus on getting ourselves ready and getting him ready quickly and efficiently. We got to the restaurant and ordered quickly; we know the menu so well it only took a quick look to remind ourselves.

The biggest difference is that we used a booster seat instead of a high chair. He liked it much better. He sat in it willingly and played while we waited. When we got the check, he walked (holding my hand) all the way to the register before sitting and refusing to get up again.

It's actually pretty cute. When he's done walking, he just sits and looks up at me. He doesn't fuss - much. He just waits. He will not stand up again until he's rested. We walk him as much as possible, because he needs the strengthening.

Tomorrow, Uncle B & Aunt L are coming over. It should be fun

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