Wednesday, February 11, 2009


(No, not for me, although G-d knows it wouldn't be a bad thing.)

The social worker came by today to let us know the general plan. They want once per week therapy for each of physical therapy and occupational / play therapy. This will be accomodated as best as possible, considering The Boy's chemo, checkup and sick schedules. With luck, they will have enough flexibility to be able to adjust as needed.

The physical therapy is for the nerve damage caused by the vincristine, among other things. There's nerve damage in his feet and hands which should not be permanent. It's not significant, but it's significant enough to have caused strength and motor control issues. This is why he's not walking and why it has taken him so long to figure out how to climb onto the couch and bed and chairs.

The occupational therapy will help with his fine motor control and with his attention to task. They will also help us with his response to our spoken words. Hopefully, they will also show us how to encourage his vocabulary and sentence forming to develop.

I am happy that we starting this! This takes quite a load off of my mind. He does respond to some things - for instance, when we ask him if he's hungry, he will crawl over to his high chair. When we offer him (verbally) a rice cake and some honey, he gets really excited and flaps his arms around in an adorable fashion! When we offer him something he does not want, he says, "Noooooooo...." in a growl and pushes it away. He does understand, and he gets around fairly well. We would be more comfortable if he was developing in a more timely fashion.

On the cuteness scale: he climbs into his little toddler-sized chair and sits down, the King upon his Throne. He loves drinking his juice and having a snack from His Chair.

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