Thursday, February 26, 2009

Waiting for Godot, part 38

The thing that I hate most about the cancer recovery is the waiting game. The Tumor Review Board met yesterday and discussed The Boy's case, but we have heard nothing. My wife called the doctor this morning, and the doctor has heard nothing at this point. Here's what this means: we don't know if we're going to chemo tomorrow morning or if he's going to radiation tomorrow morning or neither.

Just to review, here's what happens when he has chemo (all plans are on hold): Grandma flies / drives from Pittsburgh to Livingston, NJ; Grandpa spends the morning at the hospital; Chai Lifeline charity brings food & meals & a Shabbat dinner for us; Uncle B & Aunt L bring dinner on Sunday; Musical Daddy cancels his after-school stuff on Friday, Monday & Tuesday to help out.

The fact that all this stuff is on hold is really frustrating. It's hard to get plane reservations at the last minute for Grandma. It's hard to get a bunch of meals prepared at the kosher place for us on no notice. Plus, knowing that he's in the hospital changes my weekend plans. There's cleaning that gets done when The Boy isn't around (toys, floors & stuff). There's stuff that I need to pack and prepare for the hospital.

Frustrating. Why do I expect to receive a call at around 10PM tonight telling us that chemo is on for Friday?

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the mol said...

5:45 PM, but pretty close.