Sunday, February 1, 2009

We're home!

So, this seemed to be a relatively smooth hospital stay. In on Friday morning, home at 5 o'clock on Sunday afternoon. I'm glad about that. The etoposide was given this morning, and he got a pint of red blood cells this afternoon. I arrived at the hospital a little before two, as predicted. The Boy was just settling down for a nap, and I kicked my wife out of bed and joined him. My wife and Aunt M packed up The Boy's stuff while I helped him rest. He napped until about 4, then we loaded up the car and came home.

When we got home, he had a snack of half of a rice cake and some honey. It was quite cute: he climbed the steps on the way inside the house, then he crawled over to his high chair and yanked his straps until I came over and sat him in the chair. When I showed him the rice cake and honey, he bounced up and down excitedly and ate the whole thing in about a minute and a half - lightspeed for him.

So, after a diaper change, he and I rested in my room until Mommy and Aunt M got home. Now, we're gathered around the television for the modern religious holiday of The Superbowl. We do have chips and dip, but I'm already at 1700 calories for the day and don't want to HAVE to exercise to get close to my 2200 calorie goal.

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