Sunday, February 8, 2009

What a Great Day!

No sarcasm there, folks. Sunday was just a wonderful day, from start to finish. It was even moderately productive, as you'll see...

We woke up at 7:30AM, about fifteen minutes after the television set went on. It's set to go on at 7:15 to wake me; it didn't. Sigh. The Boy woke up, gave some hugs, crawled over to the edge of the bed and started pointing in the general direction of the kitchen. The Wife took him and fed him while I got ready for church.

Church & lesson went well - I think I taught well today, which has been a nice change over the past couple of weeks, where I was just establishing a baseline for actual teaching. My student hadn't taken private lessons since the summer, so it took a couple of weeks for her to remember how to play to my standards again. Got home around 2:00, as per usual.

The Boy, who hadn't napped, was adamant about laying me down for my nap. We went into the bedroom to rest, and my father came in the house on his expected visit. I showed off the new stuff in the house - it's amazing how much the garage doors and new windows and new furnace have done for the living quality in the house! We need it more than ever, considering how much time we're going to be spending in the house during the duration of The Boy's treatments. Grandpa & The Boy & I went for a walk around the neighborhood, stopping to grab some coffee and at the comic book store before heading home. It was a little over 50 degrees today, which means that we HAD to get out of the house!!

Grandpa's visit was a short one, and The Boy and I hit the mattress at around 3. I slept until 4, he slept until 5. We both woke up famished - I had a large breakfast and didn't eat lunch, and he hadn't had a snack since a 1 o'clock lunch. He ate an entire rice cake with honey - no mean feat, considering the rice cake was as large as his head. He loves honey so much! His entire body starts vibrating when I show him the honey jar. I might start calling him Pooh Bear because of that!

Mommy came home a little while later. She was at a Mommy's Group hangout; this gathering was without children, which was why she allowed herself to go. (It's a bad idea to expose a baby with a depressed immune system to other small children, you know?) She played with The Boy during the time she prepared dinner while I paid some bills and organized some household papers. Dinner went well until he started hacking and coughing. At that point, the meal abruptly stopped lest he throw up. He didn't.

After dinner, we had so much fun! We played "flying baby," which consists of him grabbing onto my calves and getting lifted into the air, like I'm doing a stomach crunch. It's a great exercise for me, and he really enjoys "flying." We also did some horsey rides, which he loves. He and I colored for a little while, which mostly consisted of him scribbling a few lines then spending fifteen minutes putting the crayons in the plastic bag and shaking them out again, repeat as needed. Grandma called on Skype, and The Boy showed off his new tricks: climbing into his little baby-sized chair and climbing onto the couch!

At that point, The Wife started bedtime procedures, and I did some more schoolwork - teaching work this time, not studying work. He woke up around ten, and I sat with him for a little while until he fell back asleep. He crawled in to join us in the bedroom a little while later, when we were talking too loudly.

He's sleeping now. So's my wife. They are cute.

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