Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wonderful evening...

Uncle B & Aunt L canceled out on us tonight, so we were left by our lonesome. We wound up having an (unscheduled) wonderful evening, regardless - we miss them, but we'll see them in a week, so no biggie.

We did get a little rest in the afternoon when I got home, then I did some writing for school. We went to Big Lots to spend a 20% off coupon. Big Lots, if you've never been, is a Crap Store - it's a glorified dollar store, that sells everything from cosmetics to soda to groceries to furniture. It's all cheap stuff. We like the dish soap and dishwasher soap in particular, although I bought some cheap batteries for school and some Little Debbie coffee cakes.

After that, we went to Arirang, the hibachi restaurant near us. It's fun - the chef cooks the meal right on the table in front of you. The Boy loved watching him juggle the spatulas and toss the food around, and the onion-flame thing was a big hit. So were the flashing birthday lights. The food was an immense hit - he ate his body weight in sticky rice. (Mental note: figure out how to make sticky rice for Littlest One.) He had steak, too. He loves steak. He was, I would like to note, a perfect gentleman all evening.

He's doing more walking, both on his own and holding our hands. He likes it, for the most part. It was easy getting him to sleep tonight because he was so exhausted from the shopping trip and the dinner out.

It has been really, really nice pretending to be a normal family for a little while. It has been really, really nice dealing with bedtime issues, and tantrums, and stuff that normal parents complain about. Next week, things get interesting, radiation or not.

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X said...

Dude , sorry bad Sunday, trust me we felt bad about bailing but it had to be done. This coming Sunday we have cleared and I will PROMISE you , unless a major event occurs Lee and I will be ready to see you. Also keep in mind last time we were suppose to get together you had to cancel on us so I was also allowed one ;)