Sunday, March 8, 2009

A fun, if busy, weekend.

This is the first weekend of Show Month. I played soprano sax, clarinet, and bass clarinet in my school's production this weekend, and I'll be playing clarinet, bass clarinet, and baritone saxophone in the high school production next weekend. This means late night rehearsals, extra afternoons out of the house, and way less sleep than usual.

The show this week was really, really reasonable - an hour and a half from beginning to end. Not a lot of padding and fluff: When one song ends, the next song begins. Lots of playing and no breaks means a quick show. I'm glad about that, because The Boy started radiation on Thursday. I appreciate the extra time. Next week, we won't be so lucky: no snow day taking one day of rehearsal and an hour longer per service. Monday night rehearsal, Tuesday night Dapper Dans (and return the soprano sax to the buddy who lent it to me), Wednesday night dress rehearsal, Thursday through Saturday performances.

The Boy seems to be responding to radiation reasonably well. The first night, he fell asleep in my arms at around 7:15PM. He slept through until The Wife woke him at 5:15 to head out for the next treatment. This early-to-bed, combined with the arrival of my wife's sisters (SsIL - Sisters In Law), meant that he was NOT willing to go to bed Friday night. He stayed up to watch Battlestar Galactica with me then fell asleep around 11:15PM. Saturday, he napped his normal amount but still was awake at 9:30 when I got home from the performance. The Wife & SsIL couldn't get him down, and they theorized that he was waiting up for me. I had a little more success: thanks to the new iPod Touch's internal speaker, I put him in bed and we watched some "Goodnight Moon" video. He was asleep in ten minutes.

Today was a good day. I was out from 8:15 until 4, going directly from church to the matinee performance. When I got home, The Boy was just awake from his nap. We played outside for a while, scribbling all over the driveway and front steps with road chalk. It was very cool: when The Boy came inside, he was covered in chalk dust, sand (from where I sanded the steps during the snow last week), dirt from the lawn, and dust from touching my car when he tried to draw on it with the sidewalk chalk.

Again, I emphasize: it is REALLY, REALLY AWESOME to have normal things happen with The Boy. I love the fact that he was dirty when he came inside. Little boys are SUPPOSED to get dirty on the weekends! It's in the breed. I'm glad that his counts were good enough to allow him to play outside and touch stuff, although I cringe when he crawls on concrete and asphalt. That can't be comfortable on the knees.

The only medical complications that we've noticed so far is a LOT of pooping. Like, he had five large-sized poops today. We're not concerned because he is eating and drinking normally, such as eating his body weight in pancakes at the pancake breakfast Saturday morning. He was bleeding a bit from the skin around his rear - basically, diaper rash gone bad. He had naked time and a bath to help it. He's also teething, which doesn't help. I'm not sure if that's related to the chemo (the poop, not the teething), but I'm not sure that it's NOT related.

I'm not sure if the sleep disruption is related to the radiation treatment. I suspect it is. We'll see.

The radiation will last all the rest of this week, making it seven treatments in total. They've been very understanding of his needs, and The Boy has the 7AM treatment time all week. That's good, because he has to be NPO for the treatment because he needs to be sedated. It is impossible to explain to an 18-month-old why he can't eat, so we're trying to avoid the topic entirely.

(That was the issue on Thursday. He had 2PM radiation so needed to be NPO after 8AM. They walked at the mall then spent some time at my school banging on the drums. It wasn't fun for us, but we made it without a serious meltdown.)

The only down part? They have to leave for the hospital around 5AM. The good part about that, in my selfish ways: when I'm awake in the morning, I don't have to worry about being quiet or subtle for fear of waking people.

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