Friday, March 27, 2009

Interesting Day

Got home at 4, after my dentist appointment. The Boy and The Wife were drawing on the driveway with chalk. It was very cute, considering that The Boy was pretty well covered in chalk by the time I got home.

We tried to rest for a little while, but he was having none of it. After an appropriate length of time, we gave up. I had dinner ( I was starving ), and we went to CostCo to walk around.

He did a nice job. He walked for a while, and he seemed to enjoy walking the aisles and looking at stuff. After an hour, we came home.

I was downstairs updatng the iPodwhen I heard it starting. it turns out that one of the nurses at the Valerie Fund Center tried to force The Boy to take his pre-transfusion Benadryl orally, and he was not interested. When The Wife tried to give him his medicine tonight, he responded with violence and threw up the medicine and everything he had eaten since lunchtime. Great.

After we got that cleaned up, we gave him a quick bath. He hung out with me in the bedroom in only his diaper, until I noticed that he had taken the diaper off and was walking around nekkid. That was very cute until I saw the poopy diaper on the floor.

Some days we just can't win.

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