Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Late Night Thoughts...

Is it just me, or do most people do their best thinking late at night, when they should be sleeping? I know that I certainly do. When I tell people that I want to sleep on it, I'm really not kidding - my brain works the best when it's given a chunk of time to decompress and follow through to the end of a thought meme.

That doesn't explain why I feel the need to cram so much media into my head on a daily basis - multiple podcasts, music, television shows, movies, books & magazines. That probably addresses deep-seated insecurity issues, but I'm not willing to go there.


The Boy was very, very cute yesterday. When I got home from my teacher's workshop, I was more than a little bit stressed out and irritated. Teacher's workshops, for the uninitiated, are a waste of time for the non-(math/science/social studies/language arts) teachers. Everything is geared towards the "academic" subjects, and the other subjects are basically told "adapt what you need to adapt, but sit down and shut up regardless." Yesterday was no different. We learned about "useful websites," which meant websites that had absolutely nothing to do with music.

(Correction: one website had words to sing to memorize a few social studies or language arts things. That's "musical." Granted, it teaches as much about music as refilling wiper fluid teaches about fixing a car, but it still technically involves music.)

So, after spending 120 minutes subtly checking my e-mail and keeping up with the Yankees game, I got home to a wonderful sight: a funny little boy calling "Daddee! Daddee!" and running up to the gate. What a great way to be welcomed home! We had such a fun time in the afternoon and early evening, eating dinner, playing with a ball, wrestling a bit, and chasing each other around the house. He was fun, smiley, and talkative. He started to peter out around 7, when I left for Panera Bread and two hour of schoolwork; The Wife said that he fell asleep around 8PM.

Today, I got home from school in time to catch the last bit of occupational therapy. I'm not entirely sure what they were doing. The OT was helping The Wife play with The Boy, drawing on the chalkboard and the marker board, play with toys, carry books around, and drink juice from a sippy cup with straw. She did spend copious amounts of time complimenting The Boy on his progress: his walking is looking much, much better, with FAR less drop-foot and duck-walk than he was showing earlier. In addition, she said that he's advanced in his drawing - he can scribble back and forth and make swirlies on the board, which is a 2-year-plus skill at 19 months. Not surprising to me; ego aside, my wife and I are on the far end of the IQ bell curve, and I expect nothing different from either of my sons.

(And, yes, you heard me say that my son knows the swirl. That's pretty remarkable at his age.)

Anyway. It's getting close to midnight, and I have school followed by a 2-hour rehearsal tomorrow. I'm going to liveblog my evening with The Boy, if anyone's interested.

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