Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mr. Up-All-Night

Hard playing this afternoon at a playdate, no nap in the afternoon... this should equal an early bed time for The Boy.


We did share some ice cream, which the currently preferred method of giving him his medication. He's now prancing around the room, shaking a couple of Trader Joe's pressed fruit bars and spinning around in circles. I'm not intending on giving him any more food, but it's certainly likely that he'll earn some by being cute or just by being smart enough to rip open a package.

He's spending most of his time walking around now, and lots less time crawling. His walking has gotten quite good, all things considered. He had occupational therapy today, which went well.

On the good news front, it looks like I have a job for another year. The economy is costing a handful of jobs from my district, but I'm pretty safe. At least for one more year.

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Jennifer said...

It's good that you have job next year. We still don't know what our district is planning. If we don't get help from the government then we will be 60million short next year which is equivalent to 1600+ jobs. I don't trust that they wont cut music...