Sunday, March 15, 2009


A few years ago, a lady used to say was "OCW," which stands for "Our Child Won't." This was, of course, in response to certain kids choosing to behave like knuckleheads, as children will. You parents are chuckling at this, I hope, as you realize that the best child will occasionally lose their mind. She obviously was inexperienced when dealing with children, and - frankly - hasn't grown more experienced despite having one of her own.

Anyway, as my wife put it, this morning The Boy was "That Kid." He was a knucklehead at the diner this morning. He was trying to play with all of the stuff that he shouldn't play with, and he was loud and extremely vocal. Not such a huge deal, although it was combined with a lack of appetite. This meant MUCH more time that he spent messing with stuff instead of eating.

Sigh. Whatever. Ironically, it was a saxophone teacher that I had in college that taught me about this exact situation. His son was a little older than David when I began studying with him, so he was dealing with some of the same issues that we, and all parents, deal with at this age. He said that the biggest challenge was remembering that every kid is going to act like a knucklehead and that this behavior does not reflect back on you as a parent. People that give you dirty looks because a kid is throwing a tantrum or having a hard time at a restaurant are ignorant or childless or both. Kids are going to behave badly on occasion.

So, we didn't freak out, and we're not mad at him. We didn't try to control his behavior, which is not possible at 18 months. We didn't get frustrated and yell at him, and we didn't try to make him sit down and be quiet - also something not really possible at 18 months.

Later on in the afternoon, The Boy and I and The Wife went outside to play. We changed his bike around so that he could actually pedal and move around on the bike. It was mixed results, as you'd imagine. He doesn't quite get the whole pedal concept, but with some help from us, he kept his feet up. He'll get it soon enough. Stupid vincristine. The video was from the cell phone, so the quality isn't the best.

The next video is The Boy climbing the stairs and pressing the doorbell. He's very cute.

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