Friday, March 13, 2009

One Down, Two To Go

In fifteen minutes, I'm leaving for the second night of the show. My father is coming to the show and bringing his lady friend, and my wife might bring The Boy for a little bit. It's a three hour show, so it's not exactly something that we'd expect him to sit through. I'm a little bit leery of paying ten bucks for 30 minutes of show, but... whatever. It helps the school and, indirectly, goes towards my salary.

It's really been a heck of a week. I'm not used to this kind of schedule anymore: teaching a full day, having two choruses at night, and running an extra fifteen or twenty hours of rehearsal. You can tell that I'm getting old; I used to be able to do that without taking an extra breath.

It's been difficult because of The Boy's schedule. The fact that The Wife has had to be awake at 4:30 or so has meant that the two of them have been off-kilter in their sleep schedule. This has caused a disruption in naptimes and a disruption in bedtimes. Twice this week, I've been awake with The Boy from 11PM to 1:30AM or so.

I've played pretty well, for the most part. Monday was absolutely horrible; things got better quickly. I am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow morning and doing our "normal" Saturday morning thing, and I'm looking forward to having an easy day, pre-show. I'm even more looking forward to next week, relaxing at home at night whenever possible.


If I leave now, I can get a cup of coffee and a Vitamin Water before the show. Caffeine is a good thing; as a pit orchestra musician, one needs to be aware of sudden tempo changes and sudden jumps of, say, thirty or forty measures. I have 142 pages of music to play, with oodles of opportunities to embarrass myself and to never play with the high school again. With luck, I won't.

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