Thursday, March 26, 2009

We are lucky...

Tonight, The Boy came with The Wife and me to a Dapper Dans board meeting and to a choir rehearsal. At the meeting, he & I ate dinner, which went as per normal. No worries, and he played in the family room with Mommy after we finished eating. The choir rehearsal went... well...

We are SOOOO lucky. We have a kid that can play by himself AND enjoy listening to music, particularly live music.

He was wonderful. Everything was good - he bounced between my wife and me, wanting to be held for a little while before wanting to explore. He got ahold of a roll of paper towels, which was funny, and he enjoyed playing with the magnets on Mr. K's file cabinet. He explored the contents of the top of the desk, and he climbed around a clothing rack while playing with his toys. He enjoys pulling books out of shelves, and he did that with the music racks. When he started pulling pencils out of music folders and trying to draw on the music, we had an issue; however, it was relatively easily solved.

He's just a good boy. He's good natured and has a sweet disposition. He can entertain himself for a long time (for a toddler), and it makes our lives SO much easier. For instance, I couldn't imagine the cancer treatments with a child who is uncooperative, demanding and really dependent.

All right. It's 11:40. I'm tired and need to go to bed. Today was morning jazz band - school - rehearsal - board meetings - rehearsal, and I'm exhausted. Tomorrow is going to be a fun a day, with interesting things happening, and I'd like to be somewhat awake for it.

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