Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Who is that bald man?

Today was one of those days: school, meeting, auditions, performance. I was home for fifteen minutes to pick up some instruments and change my shoes, then I was off to the high school for the musical dress rehearsal. I did get to see The Boy for a couple of minutes. He was not particularly interested in me, as he had just woken up. Whatever. He's still cute. I got home tonight at the same time as my wife, and I helped a bit in the putting on of pajamas. Now, I'm going to pass out for six hours before starting another long, long day. This one, however, will contain a nap in the afternoon.

We'll see. I have some things to talk about, not boy-related but music-related. Not now, though. It's 11PM, and I've been on the move since 7AM.

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