Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wound up...

Yesterday was fun, for the most part. Grandma was pleasantly surprised to have a healthy, happy The Boy to spend time with this weekend. Instead of juggling him around the hospital room, she gets to play with him at home. It's easier and a lot more fun, you know?

The Wife and I went out to breakfast, to a breakfast diner that has not been good lately. They were a good business much longer than a bad one, so it was nice that they treated us well (...and asked about the baby, which was even better). We got home and played. Grandma and The Wife took The Boy shopping after he & I took a nap, and that let me put in a solid three hours' work on my paper.

(Most of which was wasted, but that's beside the point.)

Uncle B came by around 3:30PM, and Grandma and the two of us watched The Boy while The Wife went into New York to see a show. Grandma was, as usual, wonderful. It was a nice mix of time with the baby and time without - without him when we played a video game that was not appropriate, with him when we did inoffensive games and/or watched a video clip or read comic books.

Please note: we have not actually changed our recreational activities since we started hanging out in middle school. Comics and video games. We just have more money to spend right now.

Trying to get The Boy in bed was an adventure. He wouldn't. Grandma and I juggled him back and forth until we finally "locked" him in the room with Grandma until I was done shaving / showering / cleaning the humidifier. At that point, he was asleep... for an hour, until I took him in bed with me. The poor thing was so wound up and overstimulated. Like father, like son.

Anyway. NBC morning news just said a possible 8-12 inches of snow tonight. Don't like that at all, because we have The Boy's appointment first thing Monday morning and those things are difficult to reschedule.

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